JITS 2013
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Online registration has closed. Registration will be available on-site during the days of the event (May 28-29).

JITS 2013 will serve as a summit of Truism innovation and will showcase discussions about the latest ground breaking technologies and trends introduced by the key players of the tourism world. In the last decade the tourism industry has been changing rapidly greatly influenced by the internet era.

This year a special emphasis will be placed on Urban Tourism as well as innovative technologies in the world of tourism and travel. Global leaders, academics and experts in the field of hospitality will conduct panels discussing a wide range of issues affecting the tourism industry. A special panel will focus on technology in tourism, including tourism-related ‘apps’. The event will leverage Israel as a Start-Up Nation, and the city of Jerusalem as a leader of technology.

The target audience will include key figures in the global tourism industry, decision makers, entrepreneurs, investors etc.

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